This service is offered to individuals interested in starting a content creation line. This package is great for writers, vloggers, podcasters, tutorial specialists, reviewers and many more.

What we do:

  • We setup and optimize a YouTube channel for you.
  • We setup a monetizable and SEO ready Blog for your YouTube channel.
  • We also create or optimize your social networks – Facebook Page, Instagram.
  • For an extra charge we can integrate your Blog with an Online Store.

As for YouTube you may not need to create videos showing your face at all through the use of tools like Invideo Pro: https://invideo.sjv.io/WDQJBJ . You will still be able to monetize all your content.

When you have all of that, you will be set for success as a content creator, so if you are interested in making money out of content creation, why not get started right now.   Contact us for an estimate/quote (less than US$300) here :
Email : [email protected]
WhatsApp: +263 78 817 0887