Twitter Spaces is a feature that allows users to have live audio conversations on the platform. In essence, it is more like an audio chat room (“Space”) where users can have conversations and invite others to join.

Twitter has now opened up access to its audio chatroom feature, Twitter Spaces, to all iOS and Android users. Although the Twitter spaces were open to everyone, only a few users had the ability to create or host spaces, the rest acted only as listeners. In a recent tweet by the official TwitterSpaces account, It is clear that the platform has removed the requirement that Spaces creation be limited to accounts with at least 600 followers.

the time has arrived — we’re now rolling out the ability for everyone on iOS and Android to host a Space

if this is your first time hosting, welcome! here’s a refresher on how

– Spaces (@TwitterSpaces) October 21, 2021

Why you should try Twitter Spaces out?

It’s not necessary to be camera-ready for spaces because they are audio-only. They give you the freedom and flexibility to bring life to unfiltered virtual discussions by sparking up a conversation at any time, from anywhere.
Ever get bored of that 280 characters limit? Well, With Twitter Spaces you don’t have to stress about limits actually you’ll have the power to :

Additional features

  • include up to 10+ speakers at any one time.
  • approve requests from listeners who want to speak.
  • utilize safety tools to remove or block accounts.
  • set the mood by adding context to your Space by giving it a descriptive name.
  • sharing relevant Tweets directly within the Space(There’s no limit to the number of Tweets you can add, and anyone who can speak in the Space can share a Tweet).

You can learn more about how Spaces work here.

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