Date of Birth: 05 April 2002

Genre: Hip-hop,  Afro-pop,

First Officially released Song: Mwanasikana in 2017

Lionel Ngonidzashe Siyaduma professionally known as Leon Cia, is a Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and media services specialist. Leon Cia first discovered his passion and talent for music in 2013 when he was still doing Grade 6.

He jotted his first-ever song titled “Musacheme” but did not let it go public because he was shy and not yet fully motivated to pursue his talent. Leon went on to write another one titled “Mwanasikana” in 2015 which was his first year of secondary school at St Mary’s High School Beitbridge.

QN: How was your first live performance and how did you counter your issue of ‘shyness’?

Honestly, I couldn’t perform by myself as I failed completely to face any crowd. Lucky enough there was a friend of mine Osborn(Mr Ozzie) he was like a spirit booster to me. I also found another confidence booster (T Ron Sparta) who was talented and I loved his art. With these buddies of mine, we started practising and freestyling until I strapped up my confidence.

Leon Cia

As a result of exposure, Leon Cia made friends with two talented artists like him. They went on to form a trio group named Trokals which was sort of like a platform that helped him gain confidence in himself. The trio-group Trokals consisted of Mr Ozzie and T Ron Sparta and these boys were amazing they even wrote and performed a song dedicated to their school titled “Chikoro Changu”(My School).

Leon Cia dreams of working on projects with other big artists like ExQ, Nutty O, Terry Africa, Tamy Moyo and Freeman.

leon cia zimbabwean musician
Leon Cia


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