Medium can simply be defined as an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.

“Undiscovered voices”

No offence, but if you have less than 100 followers on Medium you are one of the “undiscovered voices” in other words your content (like mine) doesn’t reach the radar of a larger audience. It’s more like you do not exist except to your 15 Followers who in most cases are always offline.

In this tutorial article, I will explain how you can take advantage of my strategy to increase your Medium blog followers. This strategy was born out of the great desire to help writers conquer at least a part of the Medium landscape.

What is the Instarlaxy strategy?

You might have noticed the 100 Followers challenge, which is more like a peer-to-peer system in which participants follow back those who follow them. The Instarlaxy strategy is an automated reverse tactic, where you will consume those who engage with the 100 Followers challenge. The good thing about it is you’ll be doing less manual work i.e finding 100 Followers articles.

How to get started with the Instarlaxy Strategy?

Step 1: Open the 100 Followers tag/topic page.

Click Here to open the 100 Followers tag page

The page consists of all trending, latest and best articles tagged “100 Followers”. As a result of using this tag, we are able to filter down our target audience from those who are not interested in following back to those who are likely to reciprocate.

Step 2: Find an article that has a lot of engagements using “Claps”.

You do not need to open any article because all we need is the claps button. The number of clappers is very important and a good trendy article must have at least 20 clappers. So to see the number of clappers you must click on the “number” of clappers which is right below the ‘Clap’ icon. Refer to the image below:

Step 3: Following the clappers.

When you click on the number of clappers, a modal will popup showing you a list of all the individuals who clapped on the story. You will also be able to see if you follow any of them or not.

Option 1:

You can start following every single person manually or you can just go for Option 2 below.

Option 2:

You need a Computer/PC and a Browser i.e Chrome/Mozilla Firefox.

We have some magic spells to cast, ladies and gentlemen. In order to do this option, you need to do some technical work, and I will guide you through it.

Assuming you are on the modal showing you the clappers, kindly hover your cursor on one of the clappers then right-click. You should see a drop-down of options in this case you only have to click on “Inspect”: for Chrome browser/ Mozilla Firefox. it’s also called ‘Inspect Element’/’Developer Tools’

An Inspect Element tab will open and its alignment varies either on the bottom part of the page or the right side. Here is my inspect element:

Do not be afraid we are not hacking Medium at all haha.

If you successfully opened your Inspect Element navigate to “Console”. See the image below:

Once you open the console you most probably will see a lot of red things like errors and warnings, but fear not it’s not your fault at all. Proceed to paste the code I will provide below.

On the console tab you’ll be able to add your own javascript to the page so in this case, I have already written the javascript code for our strategy all you need to do is to copy, paste and press enter(Code after image below).

//// MEDIUM CLAPPERS AUTO FOLLOW ///////////////////////////////////
const modal = document.querySelector('[role="dialog"]');// Auto Scroll
setInterval(function() {
modal.scrollBy(0, 50);
}, 10);function button() {
// Show more clappers button
bn = document.getElementsByTagName('button');
return bn;
}async function clicker() {
// Auto click for more
for (var i = 0; i < bn.length; ++i) {var tag = bn[i];if (tag.innerHTML == "Show more claps") {
const res = console.log("Scrolling" + i);// click follow
// alert who was followed using id in the iteration
}}// Auto Follow// assign new values / buttons to var btn
function changeVar() {
// Follow Button attr/classname
btn = document.getElementsByTagName('button');return btn;
}async function follow() {
// Auto click & follow
for (var i = 0; i < btn.length; ++i) {var tag = btn[i];if (tag.innerHTML == "Follow") {
const res = console.log("Followed" + i);// click follow
// alert who was followed using id in the iteration
}}async function auto() {
await changeVar();await follow();
}// View More click
async function more() {
await button();
await clicker();
await auto();
}setInterval(function() {
}, 10)

The code will run for a few seconds or minutes depending on the number of people it’ll be following. So just let it run for 60–260 seconds then refresh the page or close it.

What the javascript code is doing?

The javascript code is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: Auto-scroll

This part handles the automatic scrolling of the modal from top to bottom. It means you don’t have to scroll all the way down to see if you have followed everyone.

Part 2: Auto View More

This one handles the “Show more clappers” button. The modal does not display all the clappers so in order for you to follow every clapper you’d need to click the “Show more clappers” all the time until you reach the final/last clapper. With this code you won’t have to do that.

Part 3: Auto Follow

This one is a bit straightforward, it scans for clappers who you are not following and then it clicks on the “Follow” button.

This code cuts out all the manual labour and it does the job 10x faster. So when you run this code it will follow a lot of people in a short amount of time. These people are 97% likely to start following you back within 24 Hours. Daily I am getting 20+ followers as a result of this strategy. Also if I am not yet following you just clap to this story because it’s easier for me to do bulk follow backs.

I repeat this strategy 2 times a day targeting 20–25 clappers and in return I am getting more than 20 followers daily. As I am writing this :

19+ Followers every 8–15 Hours

NB: Medium has a limit to the number of people you can follow a day (100 or so). This means once the Auto follow code follows 100 people it will start shooting blanks from 101.

This is just part one of the strategy let me hear from you if it is working and if I should share part two. I’m always here for technical assistance if [email protected] + screen recording video in progress.

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Charles Mezoic is an IT specialist with extensive knowledge of Google web services, Finance and Marketing Tools. In addition to being a Google Certified Professional, he holds multiple certifications in Content Creation, Media and Marketing Strategies.

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