We have put together an easy tutorial for you so that you can pick the best free video merger tool, which works online without you having to install any software or apps. This tutorial will provide you with our best pick on free online video editing tools that work both on your computer and smartphone.

The best free no watermark online video merger tools:

  • Canva
  • Clipchamp

Canva as a tool for video merging

We love Canva because it is a very powerful graphics editing tool which comes with a plethora of features like merging videos with images and attaching music to them. With Canva you will be able to do more than just merging your videos.

Why choose Canva for your video editing?

  1. It is completely FREE and you can export your videos without any watermarks (as long as they do not contain Canva Pro elements).
  2. It allows you to create video types for almost all platforms like Youtube shorts, Tiktok, and Instagram reels.
  3. It is fast and has thousands of templates to choose from.
  4. Easy to use, you can learn it in less than 10 minutes.

How to merge videos using Canva for free ? Easy Steps

Source: Canva.com

1. Start a video project

Create a blank video project in Canva. You can either use the stock video library or upload your own video. The following file formats are supported: MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, and MPEG.  

2. Merge your videos

On the video timeline, add a page for each video you want to merge. Place each clip on a separate page by dragging and dropping. When you click the Scissor icon, you can trim each video by dragging the colored edges.  

Source: Canva.com

3. Edit your clips

After you combine your videos, modify them. Using the Speaker icon, you can adjust the volume for each clip. When you select Crop on the editor, you can fit each frame to any dimension. Alternatively, you can double-click the video and drag the handles until you’ve cropped it to your liking.  

4. Personalize your video

You can create a smooth flow between each clip by applying transitions between them. You can add some rhythm to your work by choosing a track from Canva’s library. It is also worthwhile to add other design elements to your project, such as texts, images, stickers, etc.  

Canva is our best pick because we use it everyday for creating engaging Youtube shorts, Pinterest pins , Reels and Tiktok videos. An example of a video we created using Canva by merging an existing Apple’s airpods ad video with a few pictures and my voice-over:

Another example of how good Canva is at merging videos. On this video below we attempted to create a product showcase ad video by using product images only and this is how the combined or merged images came out:

Instarlaxy Africa: Product Showcase Ad

but if you want something else you can use the Clipchamp which is explained below:

Clipchamp as a free tool for merging videos online

Clipchamp’s video merger is the best solution to combine videos and export them watermark free in high-quality. Personally we believe this is the best tool if you want to make Youtube horizontal videos or ultra-HD videos. The free plan generously allows you to export in high quality without any watermark. You can also modify audio, use templates, and record your screen or voice-over all on one platform.

How to merge videos using Clipchamp for free ? Easy Quick Steps

Step 1

Sign into your Clipchamp account ,or sign up for free to get access to their video merger.

Step 2

Once logged in simply create a new project and select your preferred video type i.e vertical for reels/shorts or normal Youtube video. After creating your project navigate to ‘Add Media’ on your left sidebar menu where you will upload your video files.

Step 3

When your media files have been imported proceed to dragging and dropping them to the timeline. Do your touch ups like trim or closing gaps between your clips. Refer to the gif below

Source: Clipchamp

Once you’re done merging your videos you can click on the export button found on the top right corner of the video editor. Select your preferred export resolution you want for the video file and click continue.


In this tutorial we have shared with you tools you can use for school, business or personal video editing purposes. We believe this tutorial is a quick and easy solution that has helped save you money and time. Leave a comment and share with your buddies.

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