Is it possible to monetize a Blog that generates under 1000 visitors per day?

To be honest with you, it takes a lot of time to make an income from blogging as long as you use ‘Ad Networks’ and have less than 10 000 unique monthly visitors.

Answering the question: Yes, it is possible to monetize your blog that generates under 1000 visitors per day.

Choosing the right monetization path.

I’ve recently been seeing a lot of ridiculous articles on platforms like Medium and Vocal Media, writers claiming to earn $1000+ or $10000+ per month or week. Honestly, I find these articles a waste of time and brain capacity because they all contain the same old useless sh* I have attempted (actually, been attempting) for the past 10+ months and they do not show proof of their earnings.

Most of the articles about ‘monetizing your blog’ ignore the fact that your blog might not be as popular as theirs. In most cases, they will only provide you with close-to useless programs that usually do not work out. If you decide to choose their path you’ll end up with a blog that lets visitors “read” Ads instead of your articles, simply because you’ll be trying so hard to get impression revenue or clicks.

So you must choose a proper monetization path that is in sync with your blogging stage (beginner).

Scratch Out Ad Networks:

– Adsterra

– Propeller Ads

– Media. Net

This path is automatically not for you if you are getting less than 500–1000 visitors per day. So in the meantime focus on the strategy, I’ll explain below until you grow your traffic.

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Monetizing your blog using the “Traditional way” strategy.

First of all, this strategy is so hard that some of you might give up. Personally, I’m a person who is driven by results which is why I use this strategy even though it requires me to work

I use this strategy because I come from a country that has a weak passport, I cannot use PayPal or Stripe to receive funds except for crypto or Wire transfer payout methods. Hence, this makes it a universal strategy that can be used by anyone, regardless of which country they come from.

The strategy:

  1. Impact Radius Affiliate Program.
  2. Create flexible content.
  3. Create a Humor/Memes Category.
  4. Four Bourne self-marketing on major digital media platforms

1. Impact Radius Affiliate Program

You only need one Affiliate partnership network that will expose you to a plethora of other big brands that sell different products. So it’s more like marrying a woman who comes pregnant. Impact’s leading partnership automation technology empowers brands to collaborate with all kinds of publishers and creators even if you are getting 2 views per day.

Payout Options: Minimum US$10 — Wire Transfer & PayPal.

-During the onboarding process make sure you select the most relevant categories you focus on. You should also include all your platform links like Medium, Quora Space, Facebook Page, Pinterest etc.

-Once done with the onboarding your account will await review & approval

Do not worry chances of failing are zero to non.

If the review takes a bit longer than 48 hours, open a ticket you’ll instantly be reviewed and approved.

Impact Brands Marketplace has more than 2000 brands ready to partner with you. For a starter, I suggest you begin with digital products.

Why digital products are easy to market and generate more revenue/commissions?

  • They are cheap (domain names cost something like $5+ Or SEO Services/Plugins cost less than $50).
  • They do not have a lot of logistics, the client receives the products instantly, no need for paying Shipping prices.
  • They are not market selective, all individuals from different niches also need things like domains or hosting. Example Canva is used by almost anyone.
  • They are trendy on all continents.

Here is a list of digital products selling brands you should partner with :

  1. Namecheap.
  2. SEMRush (insane commission).
  3. Envato Markets.
  4. Canva

Keep things simple and also avoid choosing brands that might contradict/conflict. Brands will approve you within 8–18 Hours (Namecheap is quick and some of them are instant).

One of the best things about Impact is that the brands provide you with modern design marketing banners. You can download them as images for Social media or iFrame/HTML for embedding in your blog posts.

Navigate to each brand’s marketing materials page and start cherry-picking the banners you’ll use.

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2. Create Flexible Content

Okay ladies and gentlemen, if you successfully completed the above stages, then playtime is over proceed to the real stuff that doesn’t have any automation. This part of the strategy requires you to work hard even if it means sacrificing your time and compromising your blogging preferences

Now that you have partnered with other brands you need to change the way you write your articles. You can either add more categories on your blog or you can just turn on creativity and jot articles that can bend enough to include a sentence or paragraph that references one of the relevant products you are marketing.

Let us say for example you are writing on a personal topic, you can just describe how easy it was to buy a new domain on Namecheap or how you manage to design beautiful Instagram business banners using Canva. Then include your affiliate banner below.

Try this :

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-Avoid writing articles that only speak about you and how you love your cat. A particularly effective way is to try writing about how the reader should take care of his/her cat. People love to read content that speaks to them. Look at religious books they are being written in such a way that they speak to the reader, no wonder why many are hooked.

-You can easily create tutorials if you write in a question answering technique. This will help with organic traffic because have you ever noticed how people “google” stuff? Yeah, they use questions.

How to { … } ?

-This is one of the best tactics if you want to attract potential Affiliate link clicking readers. You can answer questions about how to do something, i.e “how to start a blog”, in your article you just include Envato Market (for Blog Themes) and Namecheap (for Domain name & Hosting) banners. 80% of your traffic will purchase through your links because:

  • The reader comes with the intention of learning how to do something from your answer.
  • You end up spoon-feeding the reader with all the necessary resources he or she’ll ever need to get started more like a one-stop-shop.
  • An article that even recommends you the best companies to buy from is gold.

SEO Rich content using SEMRush and Neil Patel Blog Tutorials.

You now have partnered brands and a content creation strategy, it’s time you strap up your SEO. You have to take advantage of these two SEO giants in order for your blog to stand out in google search results.

SEO Tips:

This is optional if you already get 20 000+ views on Quora like me. Most bloggers underestimate the power of humor. Memes have become a respected internet culture that has seen the rise of Memers. It’s easy to create a meme or at least share a meme since they are not copyright protected.

You can take advantage of this free source of traffic by incorporating a meme-sharing culture on your blog or any other platform like Quora space. Memes go viral easily and you can also redirect the traffic to your blog meme category.

If you properly follow this strategy you will become eligible enough to start using Ad Networks as a result of high blog traffic.

3. Create a Humor/Memes Category.

How to generate traffic from re-sharing memes

  1. Create a Humor category on your blog.
  2. Join / Follow Facebook Meme pages and download the best or funniest memes. (Preferably snap screenshots instead of downloading).
  3. Join Quora screenshot sharing Spaces or create your own.
  4. Post the meme screenshots on your blog first (compile them like a pro into a single article and make a series).
  5. Post on Quora basically answer questions you see asking if you could share screenshots that deserve views & upvotes.
  6. Always include a backlink to your blog.

This might flood your blog be warned, last time I got 19k views in 6 hours.

4. Four-Bourne Self-Marketing

Before I let you go into the jungle here is a list of marketing tactics you can use to push your Affiliate links and blog posts:


  • Create a Facebook Page dedicated to your blog posts.
  • Use meme sharing strategy to improve engagement.


  • Create a Business Pinterest account (allows you to view analytics).
  • Always create Pins of images you use in your articles, link back to your blog and give a snippet of your article in each Pin description.

Medium + Twitter

  • Post on your main blog first then after 24 Hours re-post on Medium.
  • Assuming your Medium is connected with your Twitter, you should always share your recent Post links on Twitter.
  • When Posting on Twitter be sure to use catchy words.

Penname and ManyStories

  • Use the Penname community Chat platform which allows writers to share their recently published articles.
  • Submit your blog post links here

Quora & Forums

  • Answer questions and reference your articles. (Write long answers)
  • Hideously recommend your affiliated products and share links.
  • Target Forums and write a review-like response to questions. An example would be reviewing one of your affiliate products and comparing it with what other people suggested.

How To Grow & Monetize Your Blog The Hard Way? | Conclusion

Most beginner bloggers put a focal point on the “Earning” part of blogging instead of focusing on creating a stable flow of traffic for their blog.

If you noticed the above strategy is more about building an audience instead of making money.

The traditional strategy lets you grow from the foundation and creates a long-term earning system. In 6 months’ time, you’ll have elevated from less than 1,000 visitors to 10,000+ visitors.

I believe focusing on offering value to your blog visitors will create regular readers and bring more visitors.

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