It’s free, quick and easy to convert from Word to PDF with the Adobe Acrobat online tool. If you love simple and quick solutions then take advantage of this free online tool you can use for all document conversions.

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Convert Word .DOCX file to PDF using Adobe Acrobat Online.

Adobe Acrobat makes it easy and fast for you to convert your Microsoft word document to PDF online for free. Here is why we think it is the best tool:

  1. You can convert Word files to PDF online without installing any apps or softwares.
  2. It offers Fast conversion of almost any document format pdf, docx, jpeg and more.
  3. It provides the best PDF output quality after all Adobe created the pdf format.
  4. The platform does not have boring ads its insanely neat you won’t find it hard to locate the download button as compared to other platforms.

How to convert Word docs to PDF files online (STEPS)

Step 1:

Visit the Adobe Acrobat platform here.

Step 2:

Once Acrobat fully loads up, click on the Select a file blue button, or drag and drop your Word doc into the drop zone if you are using a desktop/laptop.

Step 3:

Select the DOCX or DOC file you want to convert to PDF from your phone storage or PC files.

Step 4:

Adobe Acrobat will convert your word document to pdf and in just a few seconds you will be able to Download your file for free.


We highly recommend you to create an Adobe account because it will make your life way easier by giving you access to all of the best document processing tools you’ll ever need.

Adobe Acrobat Tools

Also having an account means your converted files will always be available or saved for you in their server and you can access them later on.


In this tutorial we have shared with you a tool you can use for school or business documents without the need of booting up your computer or laptop. No apps needed, its a quick and easy solution you should be using. Leave a comment and share with you buddies.

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