Who/What is Instarlaxy?

It is a DraftLoad Technologies project specializing in the design, development and implementation of solutions in business technology, branding, entertainment, e-commerce, and digital marketing. With a team of marketing innovators, Instarlaxy has been able to formulate a proprietary strategy for creating digital media content that increases brand awareness and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

What is the ‘Africa Business Directory’ platform?    

The Africa Business Directory is an online marketing engine or platform that Instarlaxy introduced for the sole purpose of giving African businesses an opportunity to at least dominate a portion of the internet market.   
Marketing problems faced by African businesses :
Currently, most of the world’s daily activities are being performed online as the world goes through a period of digitalization. Hard copy sources of information are no longer relied upon by customers to find out information about a particular business. As a result, most people now use websites as a source of information instead of having to physically visit a company or shop.

The problem arises due to the lack of digital talent in Africa. It is difficult for small businesses to have fully integrated departments that can handle tasks like setting up their online presence, whether it be through social media or a website. As well, maintaining a website is a strenuous activity. To counter these problems Instarlaxy brings in the Africa Business Directory.

How does it help address the issues faced by African businesses?

It lets Africans list their locally established business by creating a simple minimalistic business page on the platform. The minimalist page summing up a business’s services/products helps in this way:

  1. There will be no need to worry about Search Engine Optimization and the general indexing of the business on search engines because it’s all covered by the platform.
  2. Small business that are just starting up won’t have to worry about paying hosting and a domain name since we will host a minimalistic business page on our server.
  3. Unlike a standalone website, a business’s listing stands a chance of reaching more potential clients quickly and better because the platform receives a lot of traffic daily.
  4. Once subscribed to one of our packages businesses get a chance of being featured on our monthly in-content Ads, Google & Youtube ads.
  5. With the platform, businesses can reach a broader market and potentially collaborate with companies throughout the continent.

How it works?

The platform is best for service providers, places like restaurants or shops, vehicle/car sales and job vacancies.

Step 1: Create A Listing

Click on the menu icon and then navigate to ‘Add a Listing’

Step 2: Choose the listing type.

You then have to select the listing type from provided options (Business, Place, Car etc) depending on what kind of business you run. For businesses like restaurants or lodges, you can select ‘Place’ as the listing type. Proceed to fill in the required/necessary information then submit.

Step 3: Review & Approval

Once received your business listing will be reviewed by our team and approved within 10-20 Hours. The review process includes making corrections and SEO optimising your provided information.

Once approved you will have your own dashboard which allows you to manage your listings like updating/editing. You can also view stats and analytics. The dashboard also has a Direct messaging feature for business to business communication.

The Africa Business Directory and International Businesses.

For international exporters, manufacturers, traders and merchants looking to attract business partners on the lucrative African market, the Africa Business Directory is an excellent starting point. Listed in the directory are wholesalers, importers in Africa, retailers in Africa, business offices in Africa, as well as agents in Africa.

A great deal of goods services are in demand among African importers. This directory is an absolute must for export/import-oriented companies looking for business partners in African countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania.

DraftLoad Technologies Pvt Ltd

DraftLoad Technologies is a company that provides digital solutions and modern technologies that help small and medium sized businesses excel in their markets.
Our Digital Solutions include but not limited to:

  1. Instarlaxy – Africa Business Directory
  2. FlexPOS – Point of sale system for all kinds of businesses or store i.e grocery shops, bakery stores, butcher, restaurants.

Africa News / Success Stories / Motivation / Business – Blog

We invite guest bloggers to have their articles published on this platform’s blog. If you are a creative writer who is capable of writing on any of the below listed topics send a sample to [email protected] (Subject must include the phrase: Blogger [Topic])

Topics :

  1. Interesting general African News
  2. Success Stories & Motivation
  3. Business
  4. Innovation
  5. Reviews (Countries, Cities, Books, etc)
  6. Shopping

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