We are the only species on planet earth that is aware of its mortality and I think we do a good job dealing with it. I personally prefer surfing the internet for good memes and movies whilst some drink themselves off as if there is an ‘Immortality’ pill at the bottom of each whiskey bottle.

This series is about the humor-filled dark side of the World we live in. I seek to unveil the craziest , stupidest , saddest and smartass-t moments I dig off the internet. You will need high meme knowledge to understand some of the stuff that will be shared in this series so be warned!

Lets kick it off with Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow so alas my children today is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught…

1. Johnny Depp running meme – If I was in the hunger games:

Captain Jack Sparrow running

2. Johnny Depp v Amber Heard memes –

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard memes

3. Captain Jack Sparrow’s smart ways

Think like a pro Jack Sparrow

4. A rare picture of me and my problems:

A rare picture – Jack Sparrow

5. When you try to be productive for once:

Johnny Depp looking Monalisa

I am not sure if I should caption this like “Johnny Depp looking like Monalisa” or “Monalisa looking like Johnny Depp”? Good luck unseeing that.

I do hope you enjoyed the Johnny Depp slash Captain Jack Sparrow memes stay tuned for more of this daily dose of the internet. By the end of this series(I’m not sure if it will end), you will have seen all memes every U-Man being must see before they die.

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