Drew Barrymore’s video blew up the Twitter space worldwide as she showcased her Weird, Funny, and Unapologetic self. She is known for her funny and quirky personality, and she was on full display in her recent video which found its way to Twitter. In the clip, which has since gone viral, the actress is seen running around in the rain like a kid, shooting a video with her phone.

Video of Drew Barrymore happy and running around in the rain.

I am pretty sure you can fully agree with me that video is full of happiness the sad part is you’ll be surprised critics have come out en masse to criticize her big time for acting that way or encouraging others to do the same. No matter what people think of her, one thing is for sure: she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. The fact that she does whatever she wants without worrying about judgement from anyone has caused many to come out in support of her saying It feels so good to see someone who refuses to be shamed for not conforming.

Below are top tweets on the Drew Barrymore trending video:

Lets kick it off with our favorite funny tweet “Sending the Drew Barrymore in the rain video to my therapist and saying “this is what I want” @blaireerskine

Drew Barrymore video in the rain trending tweets

Drew Barrymore’s childhood was awful, she has been through a lot. Here are some of the tweets that are reflective of her childhood experience.

Drew Barrymore’s childhood

Drew Barrymore’s childhood lifestyle

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