Here is our daily roundup for today on Twitter experiencing a temporary international outage. The downtime lasted around 40 minutes and is believed to have been related to country-level internet filtering or disruptions. There have been a number of users reporting error messages such as “Tweets aren’t loading right now” and “this page is not available.” The problems affected Twitter’s web service, mobile service, as well as the TweetDeck.

#TwitterDown error

However, Twitter’s downtime has its perks, as users are already making fun of it. Here are some interesting fresh funny tweets about Twitter being down that have already popped up on the platform.

TwitterDown funny memes & tweets:

1. When you were blaming your internet…

2. Trying to use Twitter to find out why Twitter is not working…

3. When your entire world revolves around Twitter and its down

4. This has to be one of the funniest Tweets I have seen so far…

5. This one is creative as it references one of the trends on Twitter about a man called Malume check it out here.

6. This cannot be a Daily Dose of Twitter without Elon Musk obviously:

Elon Musk #TwitterDown

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