In case you missed it here is an interesting dose of Twitter. A video of a man participating in a swimming competition has been doing the rounds on the platform.

The clip below shows the man, referred to as Malume, oddly taking off into the pool and proceeding to swim in an awkward manner. He looked uncoordinated and comical as he proceeded to swim with his limbs flailing around making him look like he was drowning! This hilarious video has gone viral on Twitter and people can’t seem to stop laughing at Malume’s hilarious performance in the swimming competition!

Malume gets cheered up as he messes up

The video is from South Africa and the term Malume itself is not the man’s actual name, it’s a word used to describe a male who’s a brother to ones mother.

Reaction Tweets

Fans have already formulated a new sports brand:

Malume Brand

Top brands are also joining the trend Croco motors:

Hamba Malume/ Go Malume

It even gets funnier as gamers throw in some memes too:

Malume might as well become a motivational speaker:

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