Kid Cudi Walked Off Stage After Being Bombarded With Objects During Rolling Loud Performance. While performing at Rolling Loud, in Miami (22 July), Kid Cudi was hit multiple times with objects thrown by fans in the crowd.

We’ve put together a collection of tweets highlighting what happened and what’s happening, including a video of the Kid who threw the paper cup that prompted Kid Cudi’s exit.  

Watch: The Culprit who threw an object at Kid Cudi and made him walk off stage.

Kid throws a paper cup at Kid Cudi

According to reports, it appears fans expected to see Kanye West perform but instead they got Cudi.

Apart from fans not getting what they paid for, there seems to be a whole different perspective to why they threw and booed at Kid Cudi:

Twitter Kid Cudi walks off stage

Most Twitter users are shocked and appalled that people would do such a thing to Kid Cudi, especially since he’s been open about his struggles with mental health. All I know is that it was a really shitty thing to do and Kid Cudi didn’t deserve it:

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